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We are so glad you're here! The Canvasback is your ready resource for all things needlepoint! 
The Canvasback has been serving the needlepoint community since 1974. Located in Northfield, Illinois, we offer one of the 10 largest selections of designer canvases, fibers, needlepoint supplies and accessories in the stock ready for purchase or shipment. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you with project selection, fiber choices, and finishing. Turn your stitched pieces into pillows, framed art, ornaments, stockings, tallis bags, belts, handbags and so much more!  Our beginner classes will help you get started. One-on-one instruction is available as well. Experienced stitchers enjoy weekly scheduled classes, quarterly workshops, and three-day seminars. At The Canvasback we stay with you until your project is complete and you are happy!


So much has happened and so much more is happening! We thank you again for your patience as we abide by CDC guidelines in requiring masks and hand sanitization while limiting visitors to the shop to three at a time. We are happy to make reservations to avoid any waiting time, but most of the time this is not necessary. 

We still do curbside visits and pick-ups if that is your preference. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. A visit to the shop is well worth waiting for! 
All of this plus the new canvases that arrive daily. We order and order and order, providing you with the best and broadest selection that you will find anywhere. 
Finally, A reminder that the Holiday deadline for finishing was September 1. That was the final date for our commitment that you will have your finished project before the holidays. Of course, emergencies do occur, and we are always ready to find an exceptional solution to your exceptional challenges, but the fees are almost certainly higher after September 1
Our whole team is back. Linda is teaching Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons…always at an appropriate distance. 

We are so grateful for all of you who have felt able to come to visit and shop with us. 
Please stay well and be safe. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon.


Sharpening Event

Thursday, November 19
10:00 am-Noon

The Canvasback is again hosting Sharpening by Dave!   All of us have scissors and knives that would benefit
from a professional sharpening, and Dave is the best! Bring those scissors that no longer leave clean, crisp edges. Your Thanksgiving feast will be even easier to prepare after he sharpens your paring, carving, and electric knives.

Click here for a price list. 

Dave is also part of the Edge Giving Circle that 
gives knives, scissors, and other blades that would otherwise be in a landfill a new purpose by having Sharpening by Dave sharpen the donated items and donating them to shelters, low-income senior homes, group homes, students in need, and similar organizations.

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